Tareco Pictures is a producer of fiction and non-fiction film projects, based in Miami.

Mariquita festival journey, 2011-2013

Opening strong with six screenings at the Miami Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival in 2011, our short film Mariquita went on to Tampa, followed in 2012 by the acclaimed Frameline festival in San Francisco, Cinema Diverse, Polari, Top Drawer Shorts at Dayton, Festival Nacional de Cinema da Diversidade Sexual in Brazil, and Out in Africa. Our quietly intense film continues its momentum in 2013 as an official selection at Reelout Festival in Ontario and Melbourne MQFF in Australia.

We've produced two dramatic features with unpredictable and unique character-driven narratives, and two documentary features capturing the roller-coaster ride of an art career liftoff (in conjunction with sister company Wet Heat Project) . . . WATCH PREVIEWS NOW

Films with a special focus on the intersection of social issues, cultural experiences, and the arts... in conjunction with sister company Wet Heat Project, we have produced in an expansive series of short films on Miami's contemporary art scene . . . WATCH PREVIEWS NOW

Latin jazz, experimental, trip-rock, indie poetic... interpretations, cinematic and oblique, of progressive songs across all genres; collectively our Miami music artists' videos have exceeded 75,000 views on YouTube . . . WATCH VIDEOS NOW

A wide diversity of short film projects explore and evoke the personal side of social issues, cross-breed traditional movie styles to comic effect, and add a distinctly voyeuristic point of view to shortform art video . . . WATCH PREVIEWS AND FILMS NOW