Tareco Pictures is a producer of fiction and non-fiction film projects, based in Miami.

Hope Blossoms (in association with Wet Heat Project)

Trailer Duration 3:37 - Film Premiere 2010
Music: Armies of PHarmies

On October 16, 2009 at the Margulies Warehouse in Miami, performance and participatory project artists from around the world engaged the city's movers and shapers in an historic Art Happening to benefit Lotus House Shelter.

Event artists included Harumi Abe, Gema Alava, Allison Berkoy, David Ellis, The Fantastic Nobodies, Ellen Fisher, Max Gimblett, Trajal Harell, Matt Jones, Miwa Koizumi, Roberto Lange, Richard Marquez, Miami Poetry Collective, Ruben Millares, Peggy Nolan, Gloria Leigh O'Connell, Jason Schmidt, Shinique Smith, and Lee Walton and the Dancers.

This fast-moving, compelling 49-minute film is available on DVD for $25, the full price going directly to benefit the Shelter-- buy at this link: Lotus House: Shop to Support.

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