Tareco Pictures is a producer of fiction and non-fiction film projects, based in Miami.

Round Trip

Trailer Duration 1:44 - Completed 2007
Music: Spam Allstars, The Armies of PHarmies

Shot in Miami USA, and Tokyo and Chigasaki, Japan, this continously unfolding mystery revolves around a young woman's unfulfilling life in Tokyo, and her impulsive and ultimately fateful retreat to Miami where she ends all contact with her family back home. Her straight-laced brother arrives in Miami to find her and encounters an unceremonious and unpredictable city of exiles. Starring Takuya Matsumoto, performance artist Natasha Tsakos, and Mami Asada.

This film features a cross-cultural cast of talented actors including Brandon Morris, Adriana Pascual, Rie Saito, Fukumi Kashiwagi, Jo Kinkead, Tommy Davis and guest star Mayte Vilán.

Supporting characters played by cultural notables in Miami and Japan: journalist and painter Carlos Suarez de Jesus, singer and poet Lourdes Simón, performance artist and painter David Rohn, poet-lyricist Rosa Inguanzo, renown drag artist Danilo de la Torre (Adora), Artistic Director of Coral Gables' New Theatre Ricky J. Martinez, Spam Allstars singer and flutist Mercedes Abal, singer-songwriter Roberto Poveda, dancer-choreographer Octavio Campos, journalist and gallerist Javier M. de Pison, artist Gloria Lomas, dramatist and performance artist Raquel Almazan, sculptor Eiji Mori, painter Kyoko Mori, and gallerist Serge Commenoz.

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