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This a preview trailer, duration 2:10 - Film Premiere 2011

A film by by Bill Bilowit
Shooting location: Miami

Miami Herald article: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gaysouthflorida/

One Sunday at an upscale Miami home, a 10-year-old boy takes advantage of his tia's well-attended birthday party to make a personal announcement in a home movie for the web, proclaiming he is gay.

Cast includes: Adriana Pascual, Michele Torres, Gladys Yañez, Eduardo Wasveiler, and Galt Mikesell

Director's personal note:
The simple contemporary story of Mariquita is inspired by my childhood best friend from kindergarten through grade school, at a time (1960s) when the "orientation" of a child wasn't even a question in mainstream discourse. Decades later, as we navigate the social fault lines of cyber- and physical bullying, often with tragic consequences, it's dangerously shallow for adult discussions of "when" or "if" a child can be gay to simply focus on sexual activity and gender role rules. Pre-teen boys and girls are too young to be burdened with insoluble debates and partitioning demands. This film is meant to provoke thought about the mysteries of character growing within a new individual. Personality is the unique identity by which we recognize and relate to a person, but is that the result of "true" gender and sexual orientation, or is it the cause? That's a more meaningful unanswerable question.

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